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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  September 9, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand new week. how about some brand new videos "right this minute." lady leads police on a high-speed chase and then lands herself in the back of a squad car. >> but she was very friendly with the officer and these two kind of develop a little rapport. >> i don't trust anybody. >> specially when i saw the -- >> why she may be the most charming suspect you'll ever see surfers went out to catch a wave. what they got was an amazing close uncone ter with this whale. >> holy crap. >> see how it swam up to say hello. a man recovers after rare
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surgery, a face transplant. the story behind his life-changing transformation and, dude gets assigned a random stranger to sketch but he takes it up a notch. >> a tattoo on his butt. we have the proof it is permanent on "right this minute." >> we're about to see a guy aegs butt. >> will this put me on the news? >> that's 41-year-old suzi thomas. she is in sumpter, south carolina, asking is this going to be on the news? >> yes, it is. why is she in the back of the police car? >> baugs of this police chase. suzy was spotted talking on her cell phone running a red light by police. a ten-minute chase commenced. the chase reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour until she was finally pulled over by police. >> after all that, she decides to pull over. >> as you notice, a little child is taken out of the police. that is her 4-year-old granddaughter, who was not
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buckled in. s suzy has a lot to say in the back seat of the police car. >> does she say why she was running away? >> i had one too many. >> she had warrants out in several counties and cities. she admitted she had done. >> 13, 14 months. >> in prison for forgery. >> but she was very friendly with the officer and these two develop a little rapport because at one point. >> so he turns on the a.c. for her. >> thank you so much. >> at one point, he turns the air back down. she goes. >> can i drive? >> then she gives him direction. you know you could have went back the other way. it would have saved us 15 minutes. >> she is very concerned about hr granddaughter. >> do you know whether y'all got in touch with somebody for my granddaughter. >> she was at the station? >> she was okay? was she still crying? >> i just want to know, what did i accumulate today? >> how many points did i get on today's run.
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>> if i were her attorney, i would be like, stop talking. >> she doesn't stop talking. she wants to know, why they ckedhe door on thecked the car. you think i'm going to get out? >> i don't trust anybody. >> specially when i don't stop. >> she is quite charming for being a bad grandma. >> so you hearing me? >> she is the most charming criminal we have seen on this show. >> i'm not a stupid person but i did a stupid thing. >> that's very dumb. >> that could have really injured her granddaughter. >> this officer says. >> well, this is a big dumb moment. >> this 41-year-old grandmother was charged with failing to stop for a light, running a red light, child endangerment and driving with a suspended license. >> at first, i thought they were going to go out for a day of surfing, catch some waves but what they got was an amazing close encounter with this whale.
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>> hello, you beautiful thing. >> they got this video from australia. >> oh. >> holy crap. >> that thing is close to the shore. >> it is really close to the short. >> scientists believe it is a southern white whale calf. it wasn't the surfers that got close to it. it decided to get close to them. >> he came up so close and rolled over and had a good look at me. >> cavs will. they are always curious, just like babies are. they like to see what's going on. >> usually, that's the stuff you see when you are out in the deep sea. these guys paddled out and the whale came right to them. >> she was just enormous and beautiful. i couldn't believe how gentle it was. >> they did the right thing. this he just sort of stayed calm. they didn't try to interact with the whale, because you are not supposed to.
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>> slowly try to move way. don't make any sudden movements or any splashes. >> they didn't quite get to ride a wave but that's. >> they believe the mom was probably nearby but they couldn't see it. eventually, it did end up turning back into the sea. you are seeing a big mac on the floor here of the sunny side store in philadelphia. the mess came from above. >> that is a burglar breaking into this place through the ceiling. >> i hope he falls. >> he doesn't fall. he actually does a pretty good job of being a bad girks gets himself down off the shelf, taking out a ceiling tile or two, tryings to cover his face, returns later with a small bag, doesn't look like a lot of stuff. police are calling it an undetermined amount of merchandise. >> cigarettes? >> who knows. >> it is a really small bag. what could he have put in there? cash? was he able to get into the cash or is it just merchandise? >> now, you see him going out the same way he came in.
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police in philadelphia released this video because, of course, they are looking for the public's help in identifying this guy, even though he made a mess in the area where he climbed down. everything else on the shelf still stayed put. he didn't create a bigger mess than he could have. >> from one suspect now to two, also in philadelphia, watch this white car, white sedan pull up, has a sun roof. you see one guy get out of the back and he is throwing something at the parked car. whatever he threw, it didn't work. these guys circled the block and come back again. this time, the guy gets out and breaks the back window and his buddy hands him a flare. this is an attempt at arson. they are trying to set this on fire. the video ends before we see if the car goes up in flame. surely, there was some damage because of the flare. >> and the window busted out. >> absolutely. now, police looking for these two. hopefully, people can identify the vehicle. maybe these guys from the video. >> that's what i call malice of
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forethought. they thought about this. they wanted to do something with malice. when you first look at this man laying in a hospital bed, you may think, wow, you must have been in a horrible accident. he looks terrible. but, in fact, he looks very, very good compared to what he used to look like. this is 27-year-old reaccept sert. he is aturkish man. this is at a turkish hospital. that's a face transplant. he is the fifth person to successfully have this surgery. in 2007, he lost his left eye and chin in a shotgun accident. his face was mangled from this incident. that's what recep's face looked like after the shotgun accident now. compared to today after the successful surgery, you can see, he looks much, much better. the face came from a 42-year-old polish tour ish that had a heart attack while swimming. that man had committed to donating his body and his
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organs. that's how this man now has that other man's face. ed video you are seeing here is the first time this man is seeing his face. >> i imagine over time it will start to look even more and more normal. >> surgery was completed back in july. this is the first time he is seeing his face. it has healed quite a bit but he has a long way to go. >> he is being given another opportunity to have this close to normal life's can. >> the notes he is writing, he says, it is perfect. i didn't expect it to be so good. so he is thrilled with the result. three sisters are swept out to sea. >> no way. >> luckily, the royal national life boat institution jumps into action. >> these guyings are true superheros. >> how the girls got stranded in the first place. >> plus, a massive snake is on
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these guys are true super heroes, the rnli royal life boat institution is at it again, truly saving three young lives. three sisters. see that orange buoy on the left, there is a girl clinging to that buoy. she is terrified. you see this guy taking his helmet off. he doesn't wait. he leaps in the water to swim to her. two other girls in the water a few yards away. the captain and another volunteer rescuer pulled these two into the woet. >> how did they end up out there? >> they were trapped by a rapid incoming tide. listen to the cries of this one girl.
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>> where is my sister, my sister? >> she doesn't flow another volunteer rescuer has already leapt off the boat to rescue her. >> he was able to get to her. >> and inflate his rescue boat. all three sisters were successfully brought back into the boat. you see the last girl come back safely. they were taken ashore. the medic and hospital makes sure they were okay. the report says the girls were between 10 and 12k3w4r06789 20. >> it seems like they got there right in the nick of time. >> the rescue workers say the girls were in the water for quite a while. >> that shows how much stamina they had. >> it was amazing they were able to last as long as they did where they were. challenging. we get calls every day from rab i had raccoons to deer. lately, a lot of calls about this one particular python.
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>> seems to be an old python in this neck of the woods. luckily, the community has these two guys to get everything under control. >> he could even eat a small child. that one over there, just breakfast right there. >> serious issues. >> they tracked the thing down and got it you have atoff the s. which is good. >> it looks very, very real. it is a fake python. what better thing to do with it than take it out in public and freak a bunch of people out. >> whoa! he jumped on it like he is catching this thing as people freak out. now, they just lay it on the road. at this point, it looks very real. all these people are stopping their cars and coming out and taking pictures of this thing. this girl here -- >> did you know it is fake? >> is it really? you guys are so mean. >> they pull out of the bushes and it looks like rigor mortis has set in on this thing. >> from a distance, you would think it was real.
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it does look very realistic. >> one guy was like, if you are not going to call animal control, i am going to. >> they probably don't need animal control for a fake snake. >> this one guy is checking it out on a bike. >> he is all about technology, guns and destroying stuff. so what happens when an internet star sets his sights on this scheming system? >> why did they send him to that to blow him up? >> on the next, "right this minute." still to come, dad sets up a surprise at the happiest place on earth. >> it looks like overseas in qua tar. >> the homecoming that brought a little magic to their lives. >> plus, booltty, boot booty and pompons. >> see the miami dolphins cheerleaders shake it to robin thicke's summer hit.
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>> it never gets old seeing a soldier come home and surprise his family. where could you surprise your kids most of all? one of the happiest places on earth. we go to disney world in miami, florida. this video was posted by the welcome home blog. his family is being called up at the indiana jones show. >> how old are you? >> i'm natalie and i'm 12. i'm grace and i'm 11. i'm kristy. >> how old are you? >> all of the sudden, you notice, somebody was left behind. >> he is coming out here. he is making a last-minute appearance?
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>> they start asking him questions like, who is the loudest one in your family? >> it's you. >> it's me. >> in my family, it's my dad. is your dad here today? >> no. >> where is he? >> he is in the military. >> they haven't seen their dad in a few months and they think he is overseas in qatar. >> this is the place where dreams come true. so all i want you guys to do is turn around and look that way. >> dad is tackled to the ground by the two little kids. >> they took him down. >> he gets confused like i'm so excited i don't know what to do. >> how do you make disney world better? >> that's the only way i can think of. >> you can't get happier than that. >> that is the ultimate happiness. >> so there is this really cool campaign called selfless port
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trats online. people from around the world are participating having their faces drawn and drawning the faces of other people. the possibilities of what you can do to accomplish this portrait are endless but, you will not believe how joey jordan of san francisco drew his portrait. >> today, i am getting a tattoo of a random stranger on my butt. >> the version of the person he was assigned is going to be eta a tattoo on his butt. >> he was assigned him. >> he has this attitude and a cigarette in his mouth. i thought, i'm never going to get a better person than this. >> he really does come in. he goes to a tattoo parlor in san francisco. there he goes. there is the ink personmanently
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being drawn into the butt cheeks. >> to tell us more, we have joey via skype. i'm sure you've heard you are kras i crazy more than once? >> i think meaningless tattoos are a like crazier than getting something that has some kind of resonating purpose and story behind it. >> why did you choose to get a tattoo instead of drawing? >> i'm not good at drawing but i wanted to be part of the project. one of the creators of the project gave a speech at my. ad school. in it, he explained the selfless portraits project and said, if anyone wants to get a tattoo, i'll pay for it. two monlts later, it came to me, i'm going to get a tattoo. >> can you describe this selfless portrait idea and why you are so interested in it? >> the selfless portrait is the ability for strangers across the world to connect through the sim
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expression of creativity. >> how did you determine it was this dude who you were going to get on your butt? >> he came up randomly. i was like, wow, this is absolutely perfect. >> do you get asked to show it off a lot in public? >> i've been asked a few times and i'll typically oblige. >> will you show us your tattoo? >> yeah, sure, why not? >> we are about to see a guy's butt. another first for our show. >> it looks good. >> yeah, yeah, he came out really good. i'm pretty happy about it. >> once in a while, i catch a glimpse of my ass in the mirror, i'm going to remember, hey, there is amarilda, this thing i did. these bearded dragons are being courtalal. >> it waves its little hand. >> i didn't know they could wave? >> see the friendly
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sailing just isn't what it is anymore. the team of the america's cup, this boat is incredibly technologically advanced, the ac-72. the unique part about this sailboat is the main sail is a rigid sail. it is not a soft, open sail. this entire video is all about the inner workings of the team and what it takes to operate this boat.
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>> there are so maneuvers in this boat with no breaks. the only way to get through is to red line it. >> all the different ankles captur angles captured by the boat. the cool thing is, it is going on right this minute in san francisco bay. it has come home. the race is started. it is packed saturday and there are races going throughout the week. so get out to the bay. >> you can tell they all know what they are doing but i can't tell you one thing they are doing. they are all very skilled but what the heck are they doing out there? these guys are cool. there is fernando and there is a sheep. the sheep has been picked up by the farmer to teach this thing how to chase and head butt but fernando, not having any of it. >> if you are looking at size here, fernando could totally demolish this sheep if he wanted to. >> fernando is a very friendly calf. >> you are right. it is young. the sheep is like, look, man, you have to play the part, you are a bull.
11:26 am
come on, head butt me. >> fernando is shaking his head, no. >> this video was shot in the azores a while ago but it is trending because when do you see a bull not want to be a bull? he wants to act like a sheep. >> to a pet shop somewhere in the universe, we have two bearded dragons. watch, looking in this other aquarium, another bearded dragon. it waves its hand. watch. these bearded dragons wave back. >> look at. watch. >> it waves back. >> i didn't know they could wave. >> do they really wave? >> they are like, what are you doing up there? we are real friendly down here. why don't you come and play with us? >> they are planning their escape. we have had enough. they have seen the movie, "finding nemo." >> i keep telling you, the animals are evolving. they are going to start talking and then what are we going to do. >> i'm sorry. that's naturally. >> you can thank me later for these two videos i'm about to show you.
11:27 am
first one is from the miami dolphins. >> hootty-booty and booty and pompons. >> to the rhythm of blurred lives. ♪ >> that's the miami dolphins mascot. >> dolphins have had some serious success with these cheerleader videos. the videos have gone viral, kind of a no-brainer to stick two blurred lines by robin thicke. something is a little fishy about this, though. >> the other doll phipps cheerleaders videos have been so great that our expectations are very high when it comes to dolphins cheerleaders. this is not their best work. >> it is only two girls instead of the entire squad. >> i love that we are disappointed. just two girls. >> come on. we need like 30. >> maybe this one will be a little bit better for you guys.
11:28 am
this is melanie iglesias. this is part of a poster series called ice-cream disaster. >> very messily easing the ice-cream. >> she is going all over the place. >> i am going to correct you on something. i think she went with sherbert here. this might be not ice-cream. >> you think so? >> i guess we could say, thank you. that's it for rtm, everybody. we'll see you next time. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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>> cr-10-502. you were smoking marijuana by the age of 15, but your drug of choice is of all. >> my sister gave me that name because i used to do more dope than anybody. >> cr-10-222. you were using marijuana by the age of 16, drinking alcohol by the age of 16, and using methamphetamines by the age of 17. >> [indiscernible]


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